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Society Members 

 Society Members will assist you with your research in Roscommon Co. at the County Court House and/or make copies of documents of their holdings. Please see below for more details.

  • Research donations are a minimum of $15, plus the cost of copies.  If research exceeds 3 hours, the donation will be $15 plus $5 for each additional hour, plus the cost of copies.

    These are the records that will help your research at the County
    Court House.

    1. Deaths

    2. Marriages (75 years old)

    3. Naturalization

    4. Land records

    5. Obituaries (from the local Library)

    6. Birth records (110 years old)

    Research requests must be accompanied by the Research Form
    below.  Download and print this form and mail to the address 
    given on the form.

     Donations are used to purchase  books for the library, microfilm, microfiche, computers, CD's and materials for the Research and Education Center.

    Note:  Donations must accompany your request 
    for research. 


    • Request Form
      To request research at the County Courthouse, or obituaries,
      please download the Research Form.


    • The society  appreciates donated genealogy materials from all over the U.S. for its library. These materials may include items such as:
      membership ledgers,
      church history books,
      school pictures, 
      pictures of the county in its early stages, 
      school year books, 
      written histories, 
      all items that lists the names and or pictures of Roscommon County people. 



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